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Complete Birthing Support Before Baby, During Birth & Postpartum.
*Now offering 24hr Emergency Childcare Services at The Nest.

Traveling throughout the Spokane and Surrounding Area 



"Welcome! My name is Randa Layne Doeppers. I’m looking forward to traveling with you on your birthing journey!"

I raised three beautiful children on my own, and have eight grandchildren! I've made a full circle in my life and can now offer support to other mothers and fathers with some back up. I own a small business working as a Holistic Domestic Assistant for several years, I am also a certified Birth/Postpartum Doula. Very much a Naturalist, vocal Environmentalist, a big advocate for Non-Gmos, and natural products. I've studied  Alternative Medicine and Herbalism for over thirty years, and currently studying Acupressure (Oriental Medicine along with Energy medicine).

I would love to help families with household chores, healthy cooking, or where I'm needed the most.  A hobby of mine (even before the internet!) is to come up with the perfect solutions to keep your living spaces flowing so you have plenty of time to care for your baby. 

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