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Hi there! I’m Randa, and it would be a privilege to be your private, personal care giver! Whether it's assisting you in domestic household services, or detoxifying "go-green" lifestyle changes you desire for your home and body, I also specialize in Postpartum Birth Care. I run and operate a small business in the Spokane, Cliff Cannon Neighborhood and surrounding areas. I bring in organic, Non-GMO foods and Non-Toxic household cleaning supplies to local families in the South Hill communities. I also offer domestic assistance in cooking, cleaning and assisting in household duties and responsibilities in a wholistic lifestyle. I have studied alternative medicine for over 20yrs, I'm a certified doula, an acupressure apprentice and have been a licensed caregiver in three states

About Randa

My Mission

My mission is to be a part of a community that helps people find their own shade of green by assisting to match their values to their home behaviors. Working holistically and adopting environmental sound practices (cooking and eating). 

My Passion

I believe that shopping for and cooking with non-GMO products will drive impactful, environmental changes. I want to deliver a mix of targeted content and eco-conscious products that influence positive environmental actions so that you can live a happier, healthier, sustainable life- one that protects this wonderful planet we call home.

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